efficiencies {dae}R Documentation

Extracts the canonical efficiency factors from a pcanon.object or a p2canon.object.


Produces a list containing the canonical efficiency factors for the joint decomposition of two or more sets of projectors (Brien and Bailey, 2009) obtained using designAnatomy or projs.2canon.


## S3 method for class 'pcanon'
efficiencies(object, which = "adjusted", ...)
## S3 method for class 'p2canon'
efficiencies(object, which = "adjusted", ...)



A pcanon.object or an object of class p2canon produced by projs.2canon.


A character string, either adjusted or pairwise. For adjusted, the canonical efficiency factor are adjusted for other projectors from from the same set. For pairwise, they are the unadjusted canonical efficiency factors between pairs of projectors consisting of one projector from each of two sets.


Further arguments passed to or from other methods. Unused at present.


For a pcanon.object, a list with a component for each component of object, except for the last component – for more information about the components see pcanon.object .

For a p2canon object, a list with a component for each element of the Q1 argument from projs.2canon. Each component is list, each its components corresponding to an element of the Q2 argument from projs.2canon


Chris Brien


Brien, C. J. and R. A. Bailey (2009). Decomposition tables for multitiered experiments. I. A chain of randomizations. The Annals of Statistics, 36, 4184 - 4213.

See Also

designAnatomy, summary.pcanon, proj2.efficiency, proj2.combine, proj2.eigen,
pstructure in package dae, eigen.

projector for further information about this class.


## PBIBD(2) from p. 379 of Cochran and Cox (1957) Experimental Designs. 
## 2nd edn Wiley, New York
PBIBD2.unit <- list(Block = 6, Unit = 4)
PBIBD2.nest <- list(Unit = "Block")
trt <- factor(c(1,4,2,5, 2,5,3,6, 3,6,1,4, 4,1,5,2, 5,2,6,3, 6,3,4,1))
PBIBD2.lay <- designRandomize(allocated = trt, 
                              recipient = PBIBD2.unit, 
                              nested.recipients = PBIBD2.nest)

##obtain combined decomposition using designAnatomy and get the efficiencies
unit.trt.canon <- designAnatomy(list(unit=~ Block/Unit, trt=~ trt), data = PBIBD2.lay)

##obtain the projectors for each formula using pstructure
unit.struct <- pstructure(~ Block/Unit, data = PBIBD2.lay)
trt.struct <- pstructure(~ trt, data = PBIBD2.lay)

##obtain combined decomposition projs.2canon and get the efficiencies
unit.trt.p2canon <- projs.2canon(unit.struct$Q, trt.struct$Q)

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