SPLGrass.dat {dae}R Documentation

Data for an experiment to investigate the effects of grazing patterns on pasture composition


The response variable is the percentage area covered by the principal grass (Main.Grass). The design for the experiment is a split-unit design. The main units are arranged in 3 Rows x 3 Columns. Each main unit is split into 2 SubRows x 2 SubColumns.

The factor Period, with levels 3, 9 and 18 days, is assigned to the main units using a 3 x 3 Latin square. The two-level factors Spring and Summer are assigned to split-units using a criss-cross design within each main unit. The levels of each of Spring and Summer are two different grazing patterns in its season.




A data.frame containing 36 observations of 8 variables.


Example 14.1 from Mead, R. (1990). The Design of Experiments: Statistical Principles for Practical Application. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

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