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Data for an experiment to investigate nitrogen response of 3 oats varieties


Yates (1937) describes a split-plot experiment that investigates the effects of three varieties of oats and four levels of Nitrogen fertilizer. The varieties are assigned to the main plots using a randomized complete block design with 6 blocks and the nitrogen levels are randomly assigned to the subplots in each main plot.

The columns in the data frame are: Blocks, Wplots, Subplots, Variety, Nitrogen, xNitrogen, Yield. The column xNitrogen is a numeric version of the factor Nitrogen. The response variable is Yield.




A data.frame containing 72 observations of 7 variables.


Chris Brien


Yates, F. (1937). The Design and Analysis of Factorial Experiments. Imperial Bureau of Soil Science, Technical Communication, 35, 1-95.

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