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Retrieve list of IPv4 "full bogons" from Team Cymru webservice


The traditional bogon prefixes (IPV4), plus prefixes that have been allocated to RIRs but not yet assigned by those RIRs to ISPs, end-users, etc. Updated every four hours.


ipv4_bogons(force = FALSE, cached_bogons = NA)



force a refresh even if the time-frame (4-hours) is not up


if you pass in the previous result of a call to ipv4_bogoons it will be returned if the refresh time constraint has not been met, otherwise NA will be returned.


Bogons are defined as Martians (private and reserved addresses defined by RFC 1918, RFC 5735, and RFC 6598) and netblocks that have not been allocated to a regional internet registry (RIR) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

Fullbogons are a larger set which also includes IP space that has been allocated to an RIR, but not assigned by that RIR to an actual ISP or other end-user. IANA maintains a convenient IPv4 summary page listing allocated and reserved netblocks, and each RIR maintains a list of all prefixes that they have assigned to end-users. Our bogon reference pages include additional links and resources to assist those who wish to properly filter bogon prefixes within their networks.

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## Not run: 
v4_bogons <- ipv4_bogons()
v4_bogons <- ipv4_bogons(cached_bogons=v4_bogons)

## End(Not run)

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