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Flush cached results


Within a given R session, it will be highly unlikely that API responses to calls to Team Cymru services will change if the parameters have not varied (i.e. you use the same vector of IP addresses again). To respect the resources that have beeen freely provided, all the API functions cache their results.

It may be advantageous or necessary to invalidate one or more of these caches. This function allows for the invalidation of one or more (or all) caches.


flush(..., quiet = TRUE)



strings naming cached results to flush. Can be any of "origin", "peer", "asn", "v4_bogons", "v6_bogons" or "hash". If no parameters are specified all caches will be flushed.


if TRUE no diagnostic or informative messages will be displayed. If FALSE warnings for unknown cache names and invalidation progress for valid caches will be displayed if the session is interactive.


Invalid cache names will be ignored. If quiet is FALSE and flush was called from an interactive session invalid cache names will be noted.

Also, you will still need to force the reloading of bogon lists if you are within the 4 hour window even if you invalided the memoised cache.


## Not run: 
flush("peer", "origin")

## End(Not run)

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