bulk_origin_asn {cymruservices}R Documentation

Retrieves BGP Origin ASN info for a list of ASN ids


Retrieves BGP Origin ASN info for a list of ASN ids


bulk_origin_asn(asns, timeout = getOption("timeout"))



character vector of ASN ids (character)


numeric: the timeout (in seconds) to be used for this connection. Beware that some OSes may treat very large values as zero: however the POSIX standard requires values up to 31 days to be supported.


data frame of BGP Origin ASN lookup results

If a socket connection cannot be made (i.e. a network problem on your end or a service/network problem on their end), all columns will be NA.


The Team Cymru's service is NOT a GeoIP service! Do not use this function for that as your results will not be accurate. Data is updated every 4 hours. Also, A direct connection to TCP Port 43 (WHOIS) is required for most of these API functions to work properly.

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## Not run: 
bulk_origin_asn(c(22822, 1273, 2381, 2603, 2914, 3257, 3356, 11164,
                  174, 286, 1299, 2914, 3257, 3356, 3549, 22822))

## End(Not run)

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