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Create a list of settings for the sum tiles in plot_confusion_matrix()



Creates a list of settings for plotting the column/row sums in plot_confusion_matrix().

The `tc_` in the arguments refers to the total count tile.

NOTE: This is very experimental and will likely change.


  palette = NULL,
  label = NULL,
  tile_fill = NULL,
  font_color = NULL,
  tile_border_color = NULL,
  tile_border_size = NULL,
  tile_border_linetype = NULL,
  tc_tile_fill = NULL,
  tc_font_color = NULL,
  tc_tile_border_color = NULL,
  tc_tile_border_size = NULL,
  tc_tile_border_linetype = NULL



Color scheme to use for sum tiles. Should be different from the `palette` used for the regular tiles.

Passed directly to `palette` in ggplot2::scale_fill_distiller.

Try these palettes: "Greens", "Oranges", "Greys", "Purples", "Reds", and "Blues".

Note: When `tile_fill` is specified, the `palette` is ignored.


The label to use for the sum column and the sum row.

tc_tile_fill, tile_fill

Specific background color for the tiles. Passed as `fill` to ggplot2::geom_tile.

If specified, the `palette` is ignored.

tc_font_color, font_color

Color of the text in the tiles with the column and row sums.

tc_tile_border_color, tile_border_color

Color of the tile borders. Passed as `colour` to ggplot2::geom_tile.

tc_tile_border_size, tile_border_size

Size of the tile borders. Passed as `size` to ggplot2::geom_tile.

tc_tile_border_linetype, tile_border_linetype

Linetype for the tile borders. Passed as `linetype` to ggplot2::geom_tile.


List of settings.


Ludvig Renbo Olsen,

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