oc_manual {cutpointr}R Documentation

Set a manual cutpoint for use with cutpointr


This function simply returns cutpoint as the optimal cutpoint. Mainly useful if bootstrap estimates of the out-of-bag performance of a given cutpoint are desired, e.g. taking a cutpoint value from the literature.


oc_manual(cutpoint, ...)



(numeric) The fixed cutpoint.


To capture further arguments that are always passed to the method function by cutpointr. The cutpointr function passes data, x, class, metric_func, direction, pos_class and neg_class to the method function.

See Also

Other method functions: maximize_boot_metric(), maximize_gam_metric(), maximize_loess_metric(), maximize_metric(), maximize_spline_metric(), oc_mean(), oc_median(), oc_youden_kernel(), oc_youden_normal()


cutpointr(suicide, dsi, suicide, method = oc_manual, cutpoint = 4)

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