CUTOFF: A Spatio-temporal Imputation Method

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Documentation for package ‘cutoffR’ version 1.0

Help Pages

complete.chunk Complete Chunk Data A chunk of data with no missing values from the Murray-Darling Basin Rainfall Data
CosK The Cosine Kernel
Cut The simple version of CUTOFF
cutoff The CUTOFF Spatio-temporal Imputation Method
date.month Date month data Date information for the Murray-Darling Basin rainfall data
EpanK The Epanechnikov Kernel
GaussK The Gaussian Kernel
Grmse RMSE give imputed data matrix and the true matrix
HeatStruct Structure Heatmap with Missing Value Demonstration Murray-Darling Basin Rainfall Data
impCV Cross-validation for spatio-temporal imputation
MissSimulation Simulate a missing vector with block missing pattern.
nmissing Count the number of missing values in a vector or data matrix
UnifK The Uniform Kernel