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A short version of the MNIST data set


First 100 digits from the MNIST data set belonging to classes '0', '1', and '7' representable as curves agter skeletonization.




A list of three elements '0', '1', and '7', each being an array with dimensions (28, 28, 100). Each slice of each of these arrays, in third dimension, contains a single monochrome digit image represented by a 28x28 indicator matrix. See Lafaye De Micheaux, Mozharovksyi and Vimond (2018) and accompanying codes for details on preprocessing.


Yann LeCun (Courant Institute, NYU), Corinna Cortes (Google Labs, New York), Christopher J.C. Burges (Microsoft Research, Redmond),

preprocessing performed by Myriam Vimond (CREST, Ensai, University of Bretagne Loire).



LeCun, Y., Bottou, L.,Bengio, Y., and Haffner, P. (1998). Gradient-based learning applied to document recognition. Proceedings of the IEEE, 86(11), 2278-2324.

Lafaye De Micheaux, P., Mozharovskyi, P. and Vimond, M. (2018). Depth for curve data and applications.

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