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Install necessary helper apps (Windows only)


Convenience function to install a minimal Cygwin environment under MS Windows, including perl, sed and php. Alternatively and in case of difficulties, download and run the cygwin setup yourself as follows: cygwinsetup.exe --no-admin --quiet-mode --verbose --upgrade-also --root c:/cygwin --site --packages perl,php-jsonc,php-simplexml. These binaries are required only for function ctrLoadQueryIntoDb when used for register "EUCTR", "CTGOV" or "ISRCT", but not for any other register or any other function in this package.


installCygwinWindowsDoInstall(force = FALSE, proxy = Sys.getenv("https_proxy"))



Set to TRUE to update a Cygwin environment that was previously installed with the function, or to overwrite any existing installation in c:\cygwin


Specify any proxy to be used for downloading via http, e.g. 'host_or_ip:port'; defaults to the environment variable 'https_proxy'. Set to '""' to not specify or to unset a proxy.


## Not run: 

try(installCygwinWindowsDoInstall(), silent = TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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