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Run a crunch automation script


Crunch Automation is a custom scripting language that allows you to execute common Crunch commands. The syntax is described in the Crunch API documentation.


  is_file = string_is_file_like(script),
  encoding = "UTF-8",




A crunch dataset or project folder (for backwards compatibility, dataset is also accepted)


A path to a text file containing a Crunch Automation script or a character vector of length 1 or more with Crunch Automation commands (see Details)


The default guesses whether a file or string was used in the script argument, but you can override the heuristics by specifying TRUE for a file, and FALSE for a string.


Optional encoding to convert from, defaults to UTF-8. The API accepts only UTF-8, so all text will be converted to UTF-8 before being sent to the server.


Additional options, such as dry_run = TRUE, passed on to the API if x is a dataset (if x is a project folder, an error is thrown)


If a character vector with length bigger than 1 is passed to script, it's converted to a string by concatenating its elements together using line breaks.


For runCrunchAutomation(): an updated dataset/project folder (invisibly), For showScriptErrors(), when run after a failure, a list with two items: script: that contains the script string sent to the server and errors which is a data.frame with details about the errors sent from the server.

See Also

automation-undo & script-catalog


## Not run: 
# Can use a path to a file:
script_file <- "crunch_automation.txt"
ds <- runCrunchAutomation(ds, script_file)

# Or a string directly:
ds <- runCrunchAutomation(ds, "RENAME v1 TO age;")

# A "dry run" that validates the script but does not run it:
runCrunchAutomation(ds, "RENAME V1 TO age;", dry_run = TRUE)

# After a failed run, some error information prints to console,
# But more details are available with function:

# After a successful run, can look at scripts:

# Run Crunch Automation on a folder:
my_folder <- cd(projects(), "folder1")
runCrunchAutomation(my_folder, 'CREATE FOLDER "folder2";')

## End(Not run)

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