listDatasets {crunch}R Documentation

Get the names of datasets in a project


listDatasets() is a convenience function for quickly seeing what datasets are in a project. It is equivalent to names(datasets(proj)), with some additional optional arguments.


  kind = c("active", "all", "archived"),
  project = NULL,
  refresh = FALSE,
  shiny = FALSE



character specifying whether to look in active, archived, or all datasets. Default is "active", i.e. non-archived.


ProjectFolder entity, character name of a project, or NULL, the default. If a Project entity or reference is supplied, the function will display datasets from that Project's datasets. If NULL, your personal folder will be used.


logical: should the function check the Crunch API for new datasets? Default is FALSE.


logical: launch a Shiny gadget to help select the right dataset. The gadget will return a valid loadDataset() call which loads the selected dataset. The gadget requires RStudio, as well as the crunchy package.


Specifying listDatasets(shiny = TRUE) will, instead of printing dataset names, load a Shiny gadget that provides a GUI for navigating the project tree to find a dataset, if you're running in RStudio.


A character vector of dataset names, each of which would be a valid input for loadDataset()

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