index.table {crunch}R Documentation

Calculate an index table for a CrunchCube


Index tables are percentages of percentages. They take the percentage from prop.table(cube, margin) and, by default, divide that by the proportions of the other margin. The baseline argument can be used to provide baseline proportions to compare against.


index.table(x, margin, baseline)



A CrunchCube to calculate index table for


which margin to index against (1 for rows, 2 for columns)


an arbitrary set of proportions to compare the table given in x to. Useful for comparing two separate cubes. baseline must have the same length as the extent of the dimension given in margin.


index.table() is only implemented for 2 dimensional cubes. If you need to calculate indexes for a higher dimension Cube, please slice the cube first.


an array of percentages indexed to the margin provided


## Not run: 
#    v7
# v4  C E
#   B 5 2
#   C 5 3
index.table(cube_object, 1)
#    v7
# v4         C         E
#   B 107.1429  85.71429
#   C  93.7500 112.50000
index.table(cube_object, 2)
#    v7
# v4    C   E
#   B 100  80
#   C 100 120
index.table(cube_object, 2, c(0.6, 0.4))
#    v7
# v4          C         E
#   B  83.33333  66.66667
#   C 125.00000 150.00000

## End(Not run)

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