forceVariableCatalog {crunch}R Documentation

Force variables catalog to be loaded


Variables catalogs are generally loaded lazily, but this function allows you to force them to be loaded once.





A crunch dataset


The forceVariableCatalog() function is probably most useful when writing tests because it allows you to be more certain about when API calls are made.

Another situation where you may care about when API calls for loading the variables are made is when you are loading many datasets at the same time (~15+) and referring to their variables later. In this situation, it can be faster to turn off the variables catalog with the option crunch.lazy.variable.catalog because there is a limit to the number of datasets your user can hold open at the same time and so at some point the server will have to unload and then reload the datasets. However, it's probably even faster if you are able to alter your code so that it operates on datasets sequentially.


A dataset with it's variable catalogs filled in

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