embedCrunchBox {crunch}R Documentation

Get HTML for embedding a CrunchBox


crunchBox() returns a URL to the box data that it generates, but in order to view it in a CrunchBox or to embed it on a website, you'll need to translate that to the Box's public URL and wrap it in some HTML. This function takes a CrunchBox and returns the HTML which you can embed in a website.


embedCrunchBox(box, title = NULL, logo = NULL, ...)



character URL of the box data, as returned by crunchBox()


character title for the Box, to appear above the iframe. Default is NULL, meaning no title shown

character URL of a logo to show instead of a title. Default is NULL, meaning no logo shown. If both logo and title are provided, only the logo will be shown. Note also that logo must be a URL of a hosted image: it cannot be a path to a local file.


Additional arguments, not currently used.


Prints the HTML markup to the screen and also returns it invisibly.

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## Not run: 
box <- crunchBox(ds)
embedCrunchBox(box, logo = "//myco.example/img/logo_200px.png")

## End(Not run)

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