changeCategoryID {crunch}R Documentation

Change the id of a category for a categorical variable


Changes the id of a category from an existing value to a new one. The variable can be a categorical, categorical array, or multiple response variable. The category changed will have the same numeric value and missing status as before. The one exception to this is if the numeric value is the same as the id, then the new numeric value will be the same as the new id.


changeCategoryID(variable, from, to)



the variable in a crunch dataset that will be changed (note: the variable must be categorical, categorical array, or multiple response)


the (old) id identifying the category you want to change


the (new) id for the category


It is highly recommended to disable any exclusion filter before using changeCategoryID, especially if it is being called multiple times in quick succession (e.g. as part of an automated script). If a problematic exclusion is encountered changeCategoryID will attempt to disable and re-enable the exclusion, but that process will be repeated for every call made which could have adverse consequences (not to mention slow down processing time).


variable with category from and all associated data values mapped to id to


## Not run: 
ds$country <- changeCategoryID(ds$country, 2, 6)

## End(Not run)

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