cw_greplv {crossword.r}R Documentation

a vectorized version of grep


a vectorized version of grep


cw_greplv(pattern, x, = FALSE, perl = FALSE, fixed = FALSE,
  useBytes = FALSE)



character string containing a regular expression (or character string for fixed = TRUE) to be matched in the given character vector. Coerced by as.character to a character string if possible. If a character vector of length 2 or more is supplied, the first element is used with a warning. Missing values are allowed except for regexpr and gregexpr.


a character vector where matches are sought, or an object which can be coerced by as.character to a character vector. Long vectors are supported.

if FALSE, the pattern matching is case sensitive and if TRUE, case is ignored during matching.


logical. Should Perl-compatible regexps be used?


logical. If TRUE, pattern is a string to be matched as is. Overrides all conflicting arguments.


logical. If TRUE the matching is done byte-by-byte rather than character-by-character. See ‘Details’.

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