create_empty_PACKAGES {cranlike}R Documentation

Create an empty package database


Create an empty package database if it does not exist. It also updates the PACKAGES* files from the new (empty) database.


create_empty_PACKAGES(dir = ".", fields = NULL)



Character vector describing the location of the repository (directory including source or binary packages) to generate the ‘PACKAGES’, ‘PACKAGES.gz’ and ‘PACKAGES.rds’ files from and write them to.


a character vector giving the fields to be used in the ‘PACKAGES’, ‘PACKAGES.gz’ and ‘PACKAGES.rds’ files in addition to the default ones, or NULL (default).

The default corresponds to the fields needed by available.packages: "Package", "Version", "Priority", "Depends", "Imports", "LinkingTo", "Suggests", "Enhances", "OS_type", "License" and "Archs", and those fields will always be included, plus the file name in field "File" if addFile = TRUE and the path to the subdirectory in field "Path" if subdirectories are used.

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