coxrt {coxrt}R Documentation

A Package to Fit the Cox Regression from Right Truncated Data


The method assumes that truncation is independent of covariates, and of lifetime, and that there is no censoring. The method uses Inverse-Probability-Weighting estimating equations with stabilized weights, IPW-S and IPW-SA, as described in Vakulenko-Lagun et al. (2018). Currently the code allows only time-independent covariates.


The coxrt package provides two functions: coxph.RT (IPW-S) that assumes positivity and coxph.RT.a0 (IPW-SA) that allows for adjustment of estimation using plugged-in a0. The illustrative examples in these functions include analysis of AIDS latency data with age as a covariate, where the AIDS cases were retrospectively ascertained at June 30, 1986, and only those who developed AIDS by that time were included in the analysis (Kalbfeisch and Lawless, 1989).


Vakulenko-Lagun, B., Mandel, M., Betensky, R.A. Inverse probability weighting methods for Cox regression with right-truncated data. 2019, submitted to Biometrics

Kalbfeisch, J.D. and Lawless, J.F. Inference based on retrospective ascertainment: an analysis of the data on transfusion-related AIDS. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 84 (406):360-372, 1989.

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