add_sub {cowplot}R Documentation

Add annotation underneath a plot


This function can add an arbitrary label or mathematical expression underneath the plot, similar to the sub parameter in base R. It is mostly superseded now by the caption argument to ggplot2::labs(), and it is recommended to use caption instead of add_sub() whenever possible.


  x = 0.5,
  y = 0.5,
  hjust = 0.5,
  vjust = 0.5,
  vpadding = grid::unit(1, "lines"),
  fontfamily = "",
  fontface = "plain",
  color = "black",
  size = 14,
  angle = 0,
  lineheight = 0.9,



A ggplot object or gtable object derived from a ggplot object.


The label with which the plot should be annotated. Can be a plotmath expression.


The x position of the label


The y position of the label


Horizontal justification


Vertical justification


Vertical padding. The total vertical space added to the label, given in grid units. By default, this is added equally above and below the label. However, by changing the y and vjust parameters, this can be changed.


The font family


The font face ("plain", "bold", etc.)

color, colour

Text color


Point size of text


Angle at which text is drawn


Line height of text


The exact location where the label is placed is controlled by the parameters x, y, hjust, and vjust. By default, all these parameters are set to 0.5, which places the label centered underneath the plot panel. A value of x = 0 indicates the left boundary of the plot panel and a value of x = 1 indicates the right boundary. The parameter hjust works just as elsewhere in ggplot2. Thus, x = 0, hjust = 0 places the label left-justified at the left boundary of the plot panel, x = 0.5, hjust = 0.5 places the label centered underneath the plot panel, and x = 1, hjust = 1 places it right-justified at the right boundary of the plot panel. x-values below 0 or above 1 are allowed, and they move the label beyond the limits of the plot panel.

The y coordinates are relative to the added vertical space that is introduced underneath the x-axis label to place the annotation. A value of y=0 indicates the bottom-most edge of that space and a value of y=1 indicates the top-most edge of that space. The total height of the added space is given by the height needed to draw the label plus the value of vpadding. Thus, if y=0, vjust=0 then the extra padding is added entirely above the label, if y=1, vjust=1 then the extra padding is added entirely below the label, and if y=0.5, vjust=0.5 (the default) then the extra padding is added equally above and below the label. As is the case with x, y-values outside the range 0-1 are allowed. In particular, for sufficiently large values of y, the label will eventually be located inside the plot panel.


A gtable object holding the modified plot.


p1 <- ggplot(mtcars, aes(mpg, disp)) + geom_line(colour = "blue") + background_grid(minor='none')
ggdraw(add_sub(p1, "This is an annotation.\nAnnotations can span multiple lines."))

# You can also do this repeatedly.
p2 <- add_sub(p1, "This formula has no relevance here:", y  = 0, vjust = 0)
p3 <- add_sub(p2, expression(paste(a^2+b^2, " = ", c^2)))

#This code also works with faceted plots:
plot.iris <- ggplot(iris, aes(Sepal.Length, Sepal.Width)) +
  geom_point() + facet_grid(. ~ Species) + stat_smooth(method = "lm") +
  background_grid(major = 'y', minor = "none") + # add thin horizontal lines
  panel_border() # and a border around each panel
p2 <- add_sub(plot.iris, "Annotation underneath a faceted plot, left justified.", x = 0, hjust = 0)

# Finally, it is possible to move the annotation inside of the plot if desired.
ggdraw(add_sub(p1, "Annotation inside plot", vpadding=grid::unit(0, "lines"),
       y = 6, x = 0.03, hjust = 0))

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