summary.cowbell {cowbell}R Documentation

Generates the core information of the cowbell analysis.


Generates a list that contains relevant information of the cowbell analysis. concept contains the formula and the minimal and maximal values. baseDefinition contains the information for the cowbell. This is the minimal and the maximal value the cowbell can reach and the position of the breaking point. baseDefinitionReduced only contains the minimal and the maximal value, the breakpoint is not included in that model. functionString is a string version of the R function that generates the cowbell. functionStringReduced is the string version without the breaking point. fstatistic contains the fstatistic information of the cowbell model in contrast to the constant function. fstatisticBreakpoint describes the F-statistics of the full cowbell model against the version without break point.


## S3 method for class 'cowbell'
summary(object, ...)



The resulting object of generateCowbell.


Just for compatibility purposes.


Implementation of the summary generic.


List with the mentioned values.


# Run a simplified anaylsis with 10 iterations only (to save time.)
concept<-generateCowbellConcept(Fun ~ Fluency * Absorption, 1, 9, 1, 7, 1, 7)
test<-generateCowbell(concept, allFun, 10)

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