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Drug Experimental Properties


Drug properties that have been experimentally proven. Each drug may have one or more experimental property.




a tibble with 4 variables:


Name of the property


Drug properties that have been experimentally proven


Reference to the source of this experimental data


drugbank key


The following experimental properties are provided:

Property Description
Water Solubility The experimentally determined aqueous solubility of the molecule
Molecular Formula Protein formula of Biotech drugs
Molecular Weight Protein weight of Biotech drugs
Melting Point The experimentally determined temperature at which the drug molecule changes from solid to liquid at atmospheric temperature.
Boiling Point The experimentally determined temperature at which the drug molecule changes from liquid to gas at atmospheric temperature
Hydrophobicity The ability of a molecule to repel water rather than absorb or dissolve water
Isoelectric Point The pH value at which the net electric charge of a molecule is zero
caco2 Permeability A continuous line of heterogeneous human epithelial colorectal adenocarcinoma cells, CAC02 cells are employed as a model of human intestinal absorption of various drugs and compounds. CAC02 cell permeability is ultimately an assay to measure drug absorption
pKa The experimentally determined pka value of the molecule.
logP The experimentally determined partition coefficient (LogP) based on the ratio of solubility of the molecule in 1-octanol compared to water
logS The intrinsic solubility of a given compound is the concentration in equilibrium with its solid phase that dissolves into solution, given as the natural logarithm (LogS) of the concentration.
Radioactivity The property to spontaneously emit particles (alpha, beta, neutron) or radiation (gamma, K capture), or both at the same time, from the decay of certain nuclides


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