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Ozone pollution data in Los Angels, 1976


This is the ozone data used in Breiman and Friedman (1985). This dataset contains 330 observations, and each observation is a daily measurement.




ozone Ozone reading
temp Temperature (degree C). minimum 25 and maximum 93 in original scale.
invHt Inversion base height (feet). minimum 111 and maximum 5000 in original scale.
press Pressure gradient (mm Hg). minimum -69 and maximum 107 in original scale.
vis Visibility (miles). minimum 0 and maximum 350 in original scale.
milPress 500 millibar pressure height (m). minimum 5320 and maximum 5950 in original scale.
hum Humidity (percent). minimum 19 and maximum 93.
invTemp Inversion base temperature (degrees F). minimum -25 and maximum 332 in original scale.
wind Wind speed (mph). minimum 0 and maximum 21 in original scale.


All the variables, except for the response, have been scaled to [0,1] interval. To transform back to the original scale, use the formula:



Breiman, L. and Friedman, J. (1985), "Estimating Optimal Transformations for Multiple Regression and Correlation", Journal of the American Statistical Association, 80, 580–598.

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