Text Corpus Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘corpus’ version 0.10.2

Help Pages

corpus-package The Corpus Package
abbreviations Abbreviations
abbreviations_de Abbreviations
abbreviations_en Abbreviations
abbreviations_es Abbreviations
abbreviations_fr Abbreviations
abbreviations_it Abbreviations
abbreviations_pt Abbreviations
abbreviations_ru Abbreviations
affect_wordnet WordNet-Affect Lexicon
as_corpus_frame Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_frame.character Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_frame.Corpus Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_frame.corpus Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_frame.corpus_json Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_frame.corpus_text Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_frame.data.frame Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_frame.default Corpus Data Frame
as_corpus_text Text Objects
as_corpus_text.character Text Objects
as_corpus_text.Corpus Text Objects
as_corpus_text.corpus Text Objects
as_corpus_text.corpus_json Text Objects
as_corpus_text.corpus_text Text Objects
as_corpus_text.data.frame Text Objects
as_corpus_text.default Text Objects
corpus The Corpus Package
corpus_frame Corpus Data Frame
corpus_json JSON Data Input
corpus_text Text Objects
corpus_text_filter Text Filters
federalist The Federalist Papers
format.corpus_frame Corpus Data Frame Printing
gutenberg_corpus Project Gutenberg Corpora
is_corpus_frame Corpus Data Frame
is_corpus_text Text Objects
new_stemmer Stemmer Construction
print.corpus_frame Corpus Data Frame Printing
read_ndjson JSON Data Input
sentences Segmenting Text
sentiment_afinn AFINN Sentiment Lexicon
stem_snowball Snowball Stemmer
stopwords Stop Words
stopwords_da Stop Words
stopwords_de Stop Words
stopwords_en Stop Words
stopwords_es Stop Words
stopwords_fi Stop Words
stopwords_fr Stop Words
stopwords_hu Stop Words
stopwords_it Stop Words
stopwords_nl Stop Words
stopwords_no Stop Words
stopwords_pt Stop Words
stopwords_ru Stop Words
stopwords_sv Stop Words
term_counts Term Frequency Tabulation
term_matrix Term Frequency Tabulation
term_stats Term Statistics
text_count Searching for Terms
text_detect Searching for Terms
text_filter Text Filters
text_filter.corpus_text Text Filters
text_filter.data.frame Text Filters
text_filter.default Text Filters
text_filter<- Text Filters
text_filter<-.corpus_text Text Filters
text_filter<-.data.frame Text Filters
text_filter<-.default Text Filters
text_locate Searching for Terms
text_match Searching for Terms
text_nsentence Segmenting Text
text_ntoken Text Tokenization
text_ntype Text Type Sets
text_sample Searching for Terms
text_split Segmenting Text
text_stats Text Statistics
text_sub Text Subsequences
text_subset Searching for Terms
text_tokens Text Tokenization
text_types Text Type Sets