predict.copulareg {copulaboost}R Documentation



Computes predictions based on a fitted copulareg model.


## S3 method for class 'copulareg'
predict(object, new_x = NULL, eps = 0.01, cont_method = "Localmedian", ...)



Model fit as returned by copulareg


optional matrix of covariate values to compute the predicted values of the outcome for. If not specified, the predicted values for the training sample is returned.


Interval between each interpolation point when integrating to evaluate the predicted value of y, in the case where y is continuous. If y is discrete this parameter is ignored.


Specifies the method used to compute the expected values. Can be specified as 'Localmedian' or 'Trapezoidalsurv'. The first method divides the range of the observed values of y into subintervals according to the argument 'eps', where the sub-integral is approximated as the measure of the interval weighted by the local median on the interval. The second method computes the integral by integrating the survival function using the trapezoidal rule, by transforming the outcome into a positive variable by adding a constant.


further arguments passed to or from other methods.


A list of predicted values for each row of new_x, if specified, otherwise, predictions for each row of the training data is returned.

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