add_side_box {consort}R Documentation

Add a side node


Add an exclusion node on the right side. If the length of text label is two, then the first one will be aligned on the left and the second on the right. Otherwise, all the side nodes will be aligned on the right.


add_side_box(prev_box, txt, side = NULL, text_width = NULL, ...)



Previous node object, the created new node will be aligned at the right bottom of the 'prev_box'.


Text in the node. If the 'prev_box' is a horizontally aligned multiple nodes, a vector of with the same length must be provided.


Position of the side box, 'left' or 'right' side of the terminal box. Will be aligned on the left and right side if only two groups, right otherwise. This will be ignored for for 'grViz' plot, see grViz.


a positive integer giving the target column for wrapping lines in the output. String will not be wrapped if not defined (default). The stri_wrap function will be used if stringi package installed as it is a better options for non-Latin language, otherwise strwrap will be used.


Other parameters pass to textbox,


A consort object.

See Also

add_box add_split textbox add_label_box


txt1 <- "Population (n=300)"
txt1_side <- "Excluded (n=15): \n
              \u2022 MRI not collected (n=3)\n
              \u2022 Tissues not collected (n=4)\n
              \u2022 Other (n=8)"

g <- add_box(txt = txt1)

g <- add_side_box(g, txt = txt1_side)

g <- add_box(g, txt = "Randomized (n=200)")

g <- add_split(g, txt = c("Arm A (n=100)", "Arm B (n=100"))
g <- add_side_box(g,
  txt = c(
    "Excluded (n=15):\n
                  \u2022 MRI not collected (n=3)\n
                  \u2022 Tissues not collected (n=4)\n
                   \u2022 Other (n=8)",
    "Excluded (n=15):\n
                   \u2022 MRI not collected (n=3)\n
                   \u2022 Tissues not collected (n=4)"

g <- add_box(g, txt = c("Final analysis (n=100)", "Final analysis (n=100"))
g <- add_label_box(g, txt = c("1" = "Screening", "3" = "Randomized", "4" = "Final analysis"))

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