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Meta-analytic correlations of Graduate Record Examination subtests with graduate grade point average


Correlations between GRE subtests and graduate student GPA from Kuncel et al. (2001).




list with entries r (mean observed correlations), rho (mean corrected correlations), n (sample sizes), sevar_r (sampling error variances for mean observed correlations), sevar_rho (sampling error variances for mean corrected correlations), and source (character labels indicating which meta-analytic correlations came from the same source)


GRE–GPA correlations in rho are corrected for direct range restriction on the GRE and unreliability in GPA. Subtest intercorrelations in rho are observed correlations computed among applicant norm samples. These values are also used in r. Due to compensatory selection on GRE scores, these values will not accurately reflect subtest intercorrelations in selected-student (range-restricted) samples. sevar_rho andsevar_r for GRE subtest intercorrelations are computed with an assumed SDρ = .02.


Kuncel, N. R., Hezlett, S. A., & Ones, D. S. (2001). A comprehensive meta-analysis of the predictive validity of the graduate record examinations: Implications for graduate student selection and performance. Psychological Bulletin, 127(1), 162–181. doi: 10.1037/0033-2909.127.1.162



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