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Confidence Estimation of Environmental State Classifications


This package can be used to estimate the confidence of state classifications (e.g., with the classification ‘bad’, ‘moderate’, ‘good’) produced using environmental indicators and associated targets. The implementation closely follows Baggelaar et al. (2010) where the confidence intervals for the estimated multiyear averages are derived by assuming a Student's t distribution for the errors. For more information about the package see the package-vignette (type: vignette("confidence") at the R-prompt to view the vignette.).

@seealso conf and the package vignette mentioned above.

@author Willem M.G.M. van Loon and Dennis J.J. Walvoort

@references Baggelaar, P., O. van Tongeren, R. Knoben, and W. van Loon, 2010. Rapporteren van de betrouwbaarheid van KRW-beoordelingen (in Dutch, English translation: Reporting the confidence of WFD-assessments). H2O 16: 21–25


Maintainer: Dennis Walvoort


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