conf {confidence}R Documentation

Perform Confidence Run


This function starts the 'confidence tool'. The results will be stored in a subdirectory in the current working directory. See details section below.


conf(x = NULL, tmpdir = tempfile(pattern = "confidence"), browse = TRUE)



name of the input file or a data.frame containing the input. If x = NULL (the default) a file dialog will appear for interactive selection of an input file. See the package vignette for details about the file format.


directory to store temporary files (for debugging only)


load resulting report directly in a browser? TRUE or FALSE


This function will create a subdirectory

The computer should have write permission to this directory, if not an error message will be raised. The subdirectory contains an HTML-report with all analysis results. For convenience, the results are also stored in CSV-format (tables) and png-format (figures) for further processing.

See Also

confidence and the package vignette (vignette("confidence")).

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