aplot {compactr}R Documentation

Create an empty plot with compact axis notation


The aplot() function simply calls eplot() again, using the same arguments (with the exception of main).


  aplot(main = NULL)



a label for the subplot. Intended for labeling a each plot in a matrix. If you need a title for the entire matrix of plots, or a single plot, I recommend using a call to the mtext() function.


This function simply draws an empty plot with compact axis notation, to which the user can add points, lines, text, and so on. Also, if the plot appears as part of a matrix, the x-axis notation is suppressed unless the plot appears along the bottom row and the y-axis notation is suppress unless the plot appears along the left column.


Carlisle Rainey (e-mail, website)


# run these lines one at a time to see what happens
par(mfrow = c(2,2))
eplot(xlim = c(-1, 1), ylim = c(0, 10))
aplot(main = "Hey Look! No axis labels.")
aplot(main = "But this one has them?!")
aplot(main = "And this one does just what you'd expect!")
# after a call to eplot() or aplot(), I just add
# whatever I want to the plot.

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