demoplot {colorspace}R Documentation

Color Palette Demonstration Plot


Demonstration of color palettes in various kinds of statistical graphics.


  type = c("map", "heatmap", "scatter", "spine", "bar", "pie", "perspective", "mosaic",



character vector containing color hex codes.


character indicating the type of demonstration plot.


currently not used.


To demonstrate how different kinds of color palettes work in different kinds of statistical displays, demoplot provides a simple convenience interface to some base graphics with (mostly artificial) data sets. All types of demos can deal with arbitrarily many colors. However, some displays are much more suitable for a low number of colors (e.g., the pie chart) while others work better with more colors (e.g., the heatmap).


demoplot returns invisibly what the respective base graphics functions return that are called internally.


Zeileis A, Fisher JC, Hornik K, Ihaka R, McWhite CD, Murrell P, Stauffer R, Wilke CO (2020). “colorspace: A Toolbox for Manipulating and Assessing Colors and Palettes.” Journal of Statistical Software, 96(1), 1–49. doi:10.18637/jss.v096.i01

See Also

specplot, hclplot


## all built-in demos with the same sequential heat color palette
par(mfrow = c(3, 3))
cl <- sequential_hcl(5, "Heat")
for (i in c("map", "heatmap", "scatter", "spine", "bar", "pie", "perspective", "mosaic", "lines")) {
  demoplot(cl, type = i)

## qualitative palettes: light pastel colors for shading areas (pie)
## and darker colorful palettes for points or lines
demoplot(qualitative_hcl(4, "Pastel 1"), type = "pie")
demoplot(qualitative_hcl(4, "Set 2"), type = "scatter")
demoplot(qualitative_hcl(4, "Dark 3"), type = "lines")

## sequential palettes: display almost continuous gradients with
## strong luminance contrasts (heatmap, perspective) and colorful
## sequential palette for spine plot with only a few ordered categories
demoplot(sequential_hcl(99, "Purple-Blue"), type = "heatmap")
demoplot(sequential_hcl(99, "Reds"), type = "perspective")
demoplot(sequential_hcl(4, "Viridis"), type = "spine")

## diverging palettes: display almost continuous gradient with
## strong luminance contrast bringing out the extremes (map),
## more colorful palette with lower luminance contrasts for displays
## with fewer colors (mosaic, bar)
demoplot(diverging_hcl(99, "Tropic", power = 2.5), type = "map")
demoplot(diverging_hcl(5, "Green-Orange"), type = "mosaic")
demoplot(diverging_hcl(5, "Blue-Red 2"), type = "bar")

## some palettes that work well on black backgrounds
par(mfrow = c(2, 3), bg = "black")
demoplot(sequential_hcl(9, "Oslo"), "heatmap")
demoplot(sequential_hcl(9, "Turku"), "heatmap")
demoplot(sequential_hcl(9, "Inferno", rev = TRUE), "heatmap")
demoplot(qualitative_hcl(9, "Set 2"), "lines")
demoplot(diverging_hcl(9, "Berlin"), "scatter")
demoplot(diverging_hcl(9, "Cyan-Magenta", l2 = 20), "lines")

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