GTSG {coin}R Documentation

Gastrointestinal Tumor Study Group


A randomized clinical trial in gastric cancer.




A data frame with 90 observations on 3 variables.


survival time (days).


status indicator for time: 0 for right-censored observations and 1 otherwise.


a factor with levels "Chemotherapy+Radiation" and "Chemotherapy".


A clinical trial comparing chemotherapy alone versus a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in the treatment of locally advanced, nonresectable gastric carcinoma.


There is substantial separation between the estimated survival distributions at 8 to 10 months, but by month 26 the distributions intersect.


Stablein, D. M., Carter, W. H., Jr. and Novak, J. W. (1981). Analysis of survival data with nonproportional hazard functions. Controlled Clinical Trials 2(2), 149–159. doi: 10.1016/0197-2456(81)90005-2


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## Plot Kaplan-Meier estimates
plot(survfit(Surv(time / (365.25 / 12), event) ~ group, data = GTSG),
     lty = 1:2, ylab = "% Survival", xlab = "Survival Time in Months")
legend("topright", lty = 1:2,
       c("Chemotherapy+Radiation", "Chemotherapy"), bty = "n")

## Asymptotic logrank test
logrank_test(Surv(time, event) ~ group, data = GTSG)

## Asymptotic Prentice test
logrank_test(Surv(time, event) ~ group, data = GTSG, type = "Prentice")

## Asymptotic test against Weibull-type alternatives (Moreau et al., 1992)
moreau_weight <- function(time, n.risk, n.event)
    1 + log(-log(cumprod(n.risk / (n.risk + n.event))))

independence_test(Surv(time, event) ~ group, data = GTSG,
                  ytrafo = function(data)
                      trafo(data, surv_trafo = function(y)
                          logrank_trafo(y, weight = moreau_weight)))

## Asymptotic test against crossing-curve alternatives (Shen and Le, 2000)
shen_trafo <- function(x)
    ansari_trafo(logrank_trafo(x, type = "Prentice"))

independence_test(Surv(time, event) ~ group, data = GTSG,
                  ytrafo = function(data)
                      trafo(data, surv_trafo = shen_trafo))

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