ConceptTest {cogmapr}R Documentation

Compare value of concepts indicators between maps


This function test the differences between the properties of concepts


ConceptTest(project, units, output = "p.value", sep = ">",
  coder = "qcoder")



A QDA project, a list as generated by the ProjectCMap function.


The units to compare


"p.value" (default) or "".


(==Depreciated, with RQDA project==) A character string (often a single character) that is used in RQDA in order to express the relationships between two variables. Default is "_" if codes used in RQDA are of the form : "x_y" (i.e. relationship from x to y), but it is possible to use ">", "->", "–>" or even "—>"


A character string indicating the coding tool used for coding the QDA. The only tool supported now is 'qcoder'. Earlier version of cogmapr worked with "RQDA" project (no more maintened).


This function test the differences between the properties of concepts (indegree, outdegree, centrality) between groups of documents (i.e. between social cognitive maps). Till now, only two excluding groups can be tested (ex. document from one country vs another country, from a group of players vs another group of players). It is not possible to compare non exclusive groups (ex. map from one country vs map from one group of players, as some documents can be in the two groups!). For this test, the 'wilcoxon.test' is done. If output = 'p.value', the function returns the results of the tests, one test for each concepts of the map. If output = '', the function returns the raw data on which the tests are done, one data frame by concept. This option can be used to export data and perform other statistical tests.


A data frame (if output = "p.value"), a list of data frame (if output = "").


project_name <- "a_new_project"
main_path <- paste0(system.file("testdata", package = "cogmapr"), '/')
my.project <- ProjectCMap(main_path, project_name)

## need more documents
## ConceptTest(my.project, units = c("Belgium", "Qu├ębec"))

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