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A coenocline simulation package for R


coenocliner provides a simple, easy interface for simulating species abundance (counts) or occurrence along gradients.


One of the key ways quantitative ecologists attempt to understand the properties and behaviour of the methods they use or dream up is through the use of simulated data. coenocliner is an R package that provides a simple interface to coenocline simulation.

Species data can be simulated from a number of species response models

and random count or occurrence data can be simulated from suitably parameterised response models by using the output from the response model as the mean or expectation of one of a number of statistical distributions

from which random draws are made.


Gavin L. Simpson

See Also

coenocline for simulating species data, distributions for details of the error distributions tha can be used for simulations, and species-response for details on the available species response models and the parameters required to use them.

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