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Physical activity and body mass index


The 'bmi_activity' data set records the proportion of daily time spent to sleep (sleep), sedentary behaviour (sedent), light physical activity (Lpa), moderate physical activity (Mpa) and vigorous physical activity (Vpa) measured on a small population of 393 children. Moreover the standardized body mass index (zBMI) of each child was also registered.

This data set was used in the example of the article (Dumuid et al. 2019) to examine the expected differences in zBMI for reallocations of daily time between sleep, physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Because the original data is confidential, the data set BMIPhisActi includes simulated data that mimics the main features of the original data.




An object of class data.frame with 393 rows and 8 columns.


D. Dumuid, Z. Pedisic, T.E. Stanford, J.A. Martín-Fernández, K. Hron, C. Maher, L.K. Lewis and T.S. Olds, The Compositional Isotemporal Sub- stitution Model: a Method for Estimating Changes in a Health Outcome for Reallocation of Time between Sleep, Sedentary Behaviour, and Physical Activity. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 28(3) (2019), 846–857

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