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Estimate subdistribution functions from crr output


predict method for crr


## S3 method for class 'crr'
predict(object, cov1, cov2, ...)



output from crr

cov1, cov2

each row of cov1 and cov2 is a set of covariate values where the subdistribution should be estimated. The columns of cov1 and cov2 must be in the same order as in the original call to crr. Each must be given if present in the original call to crr.


additional arguments are ignored (included for compatibility with generic).


Computes 1-\exp(-B(t)), where B(t) is the estimated cumulative sub-distribution hazard obtained for the specified covariate values, obtained from the Breslow-type estimate of the underlying hazard and the estimated regression coefficients.


Returns a matrix with the unique type 1 failure times in the first column, and the other columns giving the estimated subdistribution function corresponding to the covariate combinations in the rows of cov1 and cov2, at each failure time (the value that the estimate jumps to at that failure time).

See Also

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