pwiselinterp {cmna}R Documentation

Piecewise linear interpolation


Finds a piecewise linear function that interpolates the data points


pwiselinterp(x, y)



a vector of x values


a vector of y values


pwiselinterp finds a piecewise linear function that interpolates the data points. For each x-y ordered pair, there function finds the unique line interpolating them. The function will return a data.frame with three columns.

The column x is the upper bound of the domain for the given piece. The columns m and b represent the coefficients from the y-intercept form of the linear equation, y = mx + b.

The matrix will contain length(x) rows with the first row having m and b of NA.


a matrix with the linear function components

See Also

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x <- c(5, 0, 3)
y <- c(4, 0, 3)
f <- pwiselinterp(x, y)

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