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Types of variable (column) and object (row) normalization formulas


Types of variable (column) and object (row) normalization formulas


data.Normalization (x,type="n0",normalization="column",...)



vector, matrix or dataset


type of normalization:

n0 - without normalization

n1 - standardization ((x-mean)/sd)

n2 - positional standardization ((x-median)/mad)

n3 - unitization ((x-mean)/range)

n3a - positional unitization ((x-median)/range)

n4 - unitization with zero minimum ((x-min)/range)

n5 - normalization in range <-1,1> ((x-mean)/max(abs(x-mean)))

n5a - positional normalization in range <-1,1> ((x-median)/max(abs(x-median)))

n6 - quotient transformation (x/sd)

n6a - positional quotient transformation (x/mad)

n7 - quotient transformation (x/range)

n8 - quotient transformation (x/max)

n9 - quotient transformation (x/mean)

n9a - positional quotient transformation (x/median)

n10 - quotient transformation (x/sum)

n11 - quotient transformation (x/sqrt(SSQ))

n12 - normalization ((x-mean)/sqrt(sum((x-mean)^2)))

n12a - positional normalization ((x-median)/sqrt(sum((x-median)^2)))

n13 - normalization with zero being the central point ((x-midrange)/(range/2))


"column" - normalization by variable, "row" - normalization by object


arguments passed to sum, mean, min sd, mad and other aggregation functions. In particular: na.rm - a logical value indicating whether NA values should be stripped before the computation


See file ../doc/dataNormalization_details.pdf for further details

Thanks Wolfgang Lederer (<>) for reporting n4/vector error


Normalized data The numeric shifts and scalings used (if any) are returned as attributes "normalized:shift" and "normalized:scale"


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z1 <- data.Normalization(data_ratio,type="n1",normalization="column",na.rm=FALSE)
z2 <- data.Normalization(data_ratio,type="n10",normalization="row",na.rm=FALSE)

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