year-quarter-day-count-between {clock}R Documentation

Counting: year-quarter-day


This is a year-quarter-day method for the calendar_count_between() generic. It counts the number of precision units between start and end (i.e., the number of years or quarters).


## S3 method for class 'clock_year_quarter_day'
calendar_count_between(start, end, precision, ..., n = 1L)


start, end


A pair of year-quarter-day vectors. These will be recycled to their common size.



One of:

  • "year"

  • "quarter"


These dots are for future extensions and must be empty.


⁠[positive integer(1)]⁠

A single positive integer specifying a multiple of precision to use.


An integer representing the number of precision units between start and end.


# Compute the number of whole quarters between two dates
x <- year_quarter_day(2020, 3, 91)
y <- year_quarter_day(2025, 4, c(90, 92))
calendar_count_between(x, y, "quarter")

# Note that this is not always the same as the number of whole 3 month
# periods between two dates
x <- as_year_month_day(x)
y <- as_year_month_day(y)
calendar_count_between(x, y, "month", n = 3)

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