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Compile rstan Emax models after package clinDR is installed


Compile rstan code for Emax models used by fitEmaxB and emaxsimB. This function must be executed once after the clinDR package is installed.




The compiled models are stored in the models sub-directory of the installed clinDR package. The user must have write-access to the package directory. The package can be installed in a user-specified directory if the user does not have write privileges for the default package directory. Execution requires several minutes. The compiled models are 32- or 64- bit specific. Both sets must be compiled if the compiled R type is changed (they are stored in sub-directories comp32 or comp64). It is recommended to execute the function again if the package rstan is updated.

Package rstan must be functional for CompileStanModels to be successful. See Note especially the instructions for installing Rtools, which is required for execution on a Windows machine.


'basemodel.rds' and 'mrmodel.rds' should be created in the package directory in the sub-directory 'models'.


Neal Thomas

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