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Patch clamp recording of gramicidin A


3 seconds part of a patch clamp recording of gramicidin A with solvent-free lipid bilayers using the Port-a-Patch measured in the Steinem lab (Institute of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, University of Goettingen). All rights reserved by them. The recorded data points are a conductance trace in pico Siemens and were recorded at a sampling rate of 10 kHz using a 1 kHz 4-pole Bessel filter. More details of the recording can be found in (Pein et al., 2018, Section V A) and a plot in the examples or in (Pein et al., 2018, Figure 1 lower panel).




A numeric vector containing 30,000 values.


Pein, F., Tecuapetla-Gómez, I., Schütte, O., Steinem, C., Munk, A. (2018) Fully-automatic multiresolution idealization for filtered ion channel recordings: flickering event detection. IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience 17(3), 300–320.


# the recorded data points

# the used filter
filter <- lowpassFilter(type = "bessel", param = list(pole = 4L, cutoff = 1e3 / 1e4),
                        sr = 1e4)

# the corresponding time points
time <- 9 + seq(along = gramA) / filter$sr

# plot of the data as in (Pein et al., 2018, Figure 1 lower panel)
plot(time, gramA, pch = ".", col = "grey30", ylim = c(20, 50),
     ylab = "Conductance in pS", xlab = "Time in s")

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