Bayesian Analysis of a Circular GLM

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Documentation for package ‘circglmbayes’ version 1.3.0

Help Pages

arcDistance Compute the arc distance between two angular vectors
BF.circGLM Obtain Bayes Factors or posterior odds from circGLM objects
cglmShiny cglmShiny
circGLM Fitting Bayesian circular General Linear Models
circglmbayes circglmbayes: A package for the Bayesian circular GLM.
circSD Compute the Circular Standard Deviation
coef.circGLM Extract circGLM Coefficients
essbhv Basic Human Values data
estimateDensityBySpline Estimate the density value from a sample by a spline interpolation of the kernel density
fixResultNames Fix names for circGLM vector output
generateCircGLMData Generate data that follows the circular GLM model
getPMP Obtain posterior model probabilities
IC_compare.circGLM Compare the information criteria of several circGLM models.
is.dichotomous Check if a predictor is dichotomous
mcmc_summary.circGLM Obtain different central tendencies and CIs from a circGLM object
medianDirection Compute the median direction
modalDirection Estimate the modal direction
plot.circGLM Plot circGLM object
plot_meanboxplot.circGLM Plot mean comparison boxplot from circGLM objects
plot_meancompare.circGLM Plot mean comparisons for a circGLM object
plot_predict.circGLM Create a prediction plot from a circGLM object
plot_trace.circGLM Make traceplots for circGLM
plot_tracestack.circGLM Plot a stack of traceplots for a circGLM object
predict.circGLM Obtain predictions for the circGLM model
predict_function.circGLM Obtain a prediction function from a circGLM object
print.circGLM Print circGLM Object
print_all.circGLM Print all results from a circGLM object
print_coef.circGLM Print circGLM coefficients
print_mcmc.circGLM Print the mcmc results from a circGLM object
print_text.circGLM Print the main results from a 'circGLM' object.
residuals.circGLM Obtain residuals from a circGLM object
rvmc Generate a random variate from the von Mises distribution
sampleKappa Sample a value from the Bessel exponential distribution