gardner2010_withsai {chlorpromazineR}R Documentation

Chlorpromazine equivalent key from Gardner et al. 2010 data


A list of antipsychotics and their chlorpromazine equivalent doses, generated from the following file included with the package: system.file("extdata", "gardner2010.csv", package="chlorpromazineR").




A named list of 3 named lists (1 for each route) and each sub-list contains the conversion factors for each antipsychotic. The 3 top-level lists are named 'oral', 'sai', and 'lai' (route), and the lists they contain have names corresponding to the antipsychotic, e.g. 'olanzapine'.


The SAI equivalents produced by this key are equivalent to chlorpromazine SAI not oral. They could be manually converted.


Gardner, D. M., Murphy, A. L., O’Donnell, H., Centorrino, F., & Baldessarini, R. J. (2010). International consensus study of antipsychotic dosing. The American Journal of #' Psychiatry, 167(6), 686–693. <>

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