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The Netherlands 0-2.5 years: gcdg_nld_smocc


A dataset with developmental scores at the item level for 2038 children measured at 16722 visits (rows) between ages 0-2.5 year.




A data.frame with 16722 rows and 64 variables:

Name Type Label
ctrcd chr Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
cohort chr Cohort name
cohortn chr Cohort number
subjid int Child number
agedays int Age (days)
sex chr Either "male" or "female"
gagebrth int Gestational age (days)
ddicmm029 0/1 Reacts when spoken to
ddicmm030 0/1 Smiles in response (M; can ask parents)
ddicmm031 0/1 vocalizes in response
ddicmm033 0/1 Says dada, baba, gaga
ddicmm034 0/1 Babbles while playing
ddicmm036 0/1 Waves 'bye-bye' (M; can ask parents)
ddicmm037 0/1 Uses two words with comprehension
ddicmm039 0/1 Says three 'words'
ddicmm041 0/1 Says sentences with 2 words
ddicmm043 0/1 Refers to self using 'me' or 'I' (M; can ask parents)
ddicmd044 0/1 Points at 5 pictures in the book
ddicmd116 0/1 Turn head to sound
ddicmd136 0/1 Reacts to verbal request (M; can ask parents)
ddicmd141 0/1 Identifies two named objects
ddicmd148 0/1 Understands 'play' orders
ddifmd001 0/1 Eyes fixate
ddifmd002 0/1 Follows with eyes and head 30d < 0 > 30d
ddifmd003 0/1 Hands open occasionally
ddifmm004 0/1 Watches own hands
ddifmd005 0/1 Plays with hands in midline
ddifmd007 0/1 Passes cube from hand to hand
ddifmd008 0/1 Holds cube, grasps another one with other hand
ddifmm009 0/1 Plays with both feet
ddifmd010 0/1 Picks up pellet between thumb and index finger
ddifmd011 0/1 Puts cube in and out of a box
ddifmm012 0/1 Plays 'give and take' (M; can ask parents)
ddifmd013 0/1 Tower of 2 cubes
ddifmm014 0/1 Explores environment energetically (M; can ask parents)
ddifmd015 0/1 Builds tower of 3 cubes
ddifmm016 0/1 Imitates everyday activities (M; can ask parents)
ddifmd017 0/1 Tower of 6 cubes
ddifmd018 0/1 Places round block in board
ddifmm019 0/1 Takes off shoes and socks (M; can ask parents)
ddifmd154 0/1 Eats with spoon without help (M; can ask parents)
ddigmd006 0/1 Grasps object within reach
ddigmd052 0/1 Moves arms equally well
ddigmd053 0/1 Moves legs equally well
ddigmd054 0/1 Stays suspended when lifted under the armpits
ddigmd055 0/1 No head lag if pulled to sitting
ddigmd056 0/1 Lifts chin off table for a moment
ddigmd057 0/1 Lifts head to 45 degrees on prone position
ddigmd058 0/1 Looks around to side with angle face-table 90
ddigmd059 0/1 Flexes or stomps legs while being swung
ddigmm060 0/1 Rolls over back to front
ddigmd061 0/1 Balances head well while sitting
ddigmd062 0/1 Sits on buttocks while legs stretched
ddigmd063 0/1 Sits in stable position without support
ddigmm064 0/1 Crawls forward, abdomen on the floor
ddigmm065 0/1 Pulls up to standing position
ddigmm066 0/1 Crawls, abdomen off the floor (M; can ask parents)
ddigmm067 0/1 Walks while holding onto play-pen or furniture
ddigmd068 0/1 Walks alone
ddigmd069 0/1 Throws ball without falling
ddigmd070 0/1 Squats or bends to pick things up
ddigmd071 0/1 Kicks ball
ddigmd146 0/1 Drinks from cup (M; can ask parents)
ddigmd168 0/1 Walks well


The combination of subjid and agedays identifies each unique visit (row).

Instruments: Dutch Development Instrument (Van Wiechenschema, version 1983): ddi


Herngreen WP, Reerink JD, van Noord-Zaadstra BM, Verloove-Vanhorick SP, Ruys JH. The SMOCC-study: Design of a representative cohort of live-born infants in the Netherlands. European Journal of Public Health. 1992;2:117-122.



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