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China, 1.4-1.9 years: gcdg_chn


A dataset with developmental scores at the item level for 990 unique children.




A data.frame with 990 rows and 83 variables:

Name Type Label
ctrcd chr Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
cohort chr Cohort name
cohortn chr Cohort number
subjid int Child number
agedays int Age (days)
sex chr Either "male" or "female"
gagebrth int Gestational age (days)
by3cgd025 0/1 Searches for fallen object
by3cgd026 0/1 Bell Series: Manipulates
by3cgd027 0/1 Picks Up Block Series: Reaches for second block
by3cgd028 0/1 Pulls cloth to obtain object
by3cgd029 0/1 Pulls string adaptively
by3cgd030 0/1 Retains both blocks
by3cgd031 0/1 Bell Series: Rings purposely
by3cgd032 0/1 Looks at pictures
by3cgd033 0/1 Picks Up Block Series: Retains 2 of 3 blocks
by3cgd034 0/1 Searches for missing objects
by3cgd035 0/1 Takes blocks out of cup
by3cgd036 0/1 Block Series: 1 Block
by3cgd037 0/1 Picks up Block Series: 3 blocks
by3cgd038 0/1 Explores holes in pegboard
by3cgd039 0/1 Pushes car
by3cgd040 0/1 Finds hidden object
by3cgd041 0/1 Suspends ring
by3cgd042 0/1 Removes pellet
by3cgd043 0/1 Clear Box: Front
by3cgd044 0/1 Squeezes object
by3cgd045 0/1 Finds hidden object (Reversed)
by3cgd046 0/1 Removes lid from bottle
by3cgd047 0/1 Pegboard Series: 2 holes
by3cgd048 0/1 Relational Play Series: Self
by3cgd049 0/1 Pink Board Series: 1 piece
by3cgd050 0/1 Finds hidden object (Visible Displacement)
by3cgd051 0/1 Blue Board Series: 1 piece
by3cgd052 0/1 Clear Box: Sides
by3cgd053 0/1 Relational Play Series: Others
by3cgd054 0/1 Block Series: 9 Blocks
by3cgd055 0/1 Pegboard Series: 6 Pegs
by3cgd056 0/1 Pink Board Series: Completes
by3cgd057 0/1 Uses pencil to obtain object
by3cgd058 0/1 Blue Board Series: 4 Pieces
by3cgd059 0/1 Attends to story
by3cgd060 0/1 Rotated pink board
by3cgd061 0/1 Object assembly (Ball)
by3cgd062 0/1 Completes Pegboard: 25 Seconds
by3cgd063 0/1 Object assembly (Ice Cream Cone)
by3cgd064 0/1 Matches pictures
by3cgd065 0/1 Representational play
by3cgd066 0/1 Blue Board Series: Completes (75 seconds)
by3cgd067 0/1 Imitates a two-step action.
by3cgd068 0/1 Matches 3 colors
by3cgd069 0/1 Imaginary play
by3cgd070 0/1 Understands concept of one
by3cgd071 0/1 Multischeme combination play
by3cgd072 0/1 Concept Grouping: colour
by3cgd073 0/1 Concept Grouping: Size
by3fmd019 0/1 Transfers ring
by3fmd020 0/1 Food Pellet Series: Whole hand grasp
by3fmd021 0/1 Transfers block
by3fmd022 0/1 Block Series: Thumb-fingertip grasp
by3fmd023 0/1 Brings spoons or blocks to midline
by3fmd024 0/1 Food Pellet Series: Partial thumb opposition
by3fmd025 0/1 Lifts cup by the handle
by3fmd026 0/1 Food Pellet Series: Thumb-fingertip grasp
by3fmd027 0/1 Turns pages of books
by3fmd028 0/1 Grasp series: Palmar grasp
by3fmd029 0/1 Isolates extended ring finger
by3fmd030 0/1 Scribbles spontaneously
by3fmd031 0/1 Block Stacking Series: 2 blocks
by3fmd032 0/1 Imitates Stroke Series: Random
by3fmd033 0/1 Places 10 pellets in bottle (60 seconds)
by3fmd034 0/1 Grasp series: Transitional grasp
by3fmd035 0/1 Coins in slot
by3fmd036 0/1 Connecting Blocks: Apart
by3fmd037 0/1 Grasp Series: Intermediate (Tripod) grasp
by3fmd038 0/1 Block stacking Series: 6 blocks
by3fmd039 0/1 Uses hand to hold paper in place
by3fmd040 0/1 Imitates Strokes Series: Horizontal
by3fmd041 0/1 Imitates Strokes Series: Vertical
by3fmd042 0/1 Connecting Blocks: Together
by3fmd043 0/1 Imitates Strokes Series: Circular
by3fmd044 0/1 Builds train of blocks
by3fmd045 0/1 Strings 3 blocks


Instruments: Bayley III (by3)


Lozoff B, Jiang Y, Li X, Zhou M, Richards B, Xu G, Clark KM, Liang F, Kaciroti N, Zhao G. Low-dose iron supplementation in infancy modestly increases infant iron status at 9 mo without decreasing growth or increasing illness in a randomized clinical trial in rural China. The Journal of nutrition. 2016;146:612-621.

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