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Chili, 0.5-1.75 years: gcdg_chl_1


A dataset with developmental scores at the item level for 2139 unique children measured in the years 1991-1996 at ages clustered around six months (n = 128), 12 months (n = 1732) and 18 month (n = 279).




A data.frame with 2139 rows and 113 variables:

Name Type Label
ctrcd chr Country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
cohort chr Cohort name
cohortn chr Cohort number
subjid int Child number
agedays int Age (days)
sex chr Either "male" or "female"
gagebrth int Gestational age (days)
by1mdd045 0/1 inspects own hand
by1mdd046 0/1 Closes on dangling ring (check hand preference)
by1mdd047 0/1 turns head to sound of bell
by1mdd048 0/1 turns head to sound of rattle
by1mdd049 0/1 reaches for cube
by1mdd050 0/1 manipulates table edge actively
by1mdd051 0/1 eye-hand coordination in reaching
by1mdd052 0/1 regards pellet
by1mdd053 0/1 mirror image approach
by1mdd054 0/1 picks up cube (check hand preference)
by1mdd055 0/1 Vocalises attitudes
by1mdd056 0/1 retains 2 cubes
by1mdd057 0/1 exploitive paper play
by1mdd058 0/1 Discriminates strangers
by1mdd059 0/1 recovers rattle, in crib
by1mdd060 0/1 reaches persistently
by1mdd061 0/1 Likes frolic play
by1mdd062 0/1 turns head after fallen spoon
by1mdd063 0/1 lifts inverted cup
by1mdd064 0/1 reaches for second cube
by1mdd065 0/1 smiles at mirror (5.4 months)
by1mdd066 0/1 bangs in play
by1mdd067 0/1 sustained inspection of ring
by1mdd068 0/1 exploitive string play
by1mdd069 0/1 transfers objects hand to hand
by1mdd070 0/1 picks up cube deftly and directly
by1mdd071 0/1 pulls string: secures ring
by1mdd072 0/1 interest in sound production
by1mdd073 0/1 lifts cup with handle
by1mdd074 0/1 attends to scribbling
by1mdd075 0/1 looks for fallen spoon
by1mdd076 0/1 playful response to mirror
by1mdd077 0/1 retains 2 of 3 cubes offered
by1mdd078 0/1 manipulates bell: insterest in details
by1mdd079 0/1 vocalizes 4 different syllables
by1mdd080 0/1 pulls string adaptively: secures ring
by1mdd081 0/1 cooperates in games (is this some other scale?)
by1mdd082 0/1 attempts to secure 3 cubes
by1mdd083 0/1 rings bell purposely
by1mdd084 0/1 listens selectively with familiar words
by1mdd085 0/1 says "da-da" or equivalent
by1mdd086 0/1 Uncovers toy (check manual if by pulling cloth
by1mdd087 0/1 fingers holes in pegboard
by1mdd088 0/1 picks up cup, secures cube
by1mdd089 0/1 responds to verbal request
by1mdd090 0/1 puts cube in cup on command
by1mdd091 0/1 looks for content of box
by1mdd092 0/1 stirs with spoon in imitation
by1mdd093 0/1 looks at pictures in book
by1mdd094 0/1 inhibits on command
by1mdd095 0/1 attempting to imitate scribble
by1mdd096 0/1 unwraps cube
by1mdd097 0/1 repeats performance laughed at
by1mdd098 0/1 holds crayon adaptively
by1mdd099 0/1 pushes car along
by1mdd100 0/1 puts 3 or more cubes in cup
by1mdd101 0/1 jabbers expressively
by1mdd102 0/1 uncovers blue box
by1mdd103 0/1 turns pages of books
by1mdd104 0/1 Pats toy (whistle doll) in imitation
by1mdd105 0/1 dangles ring by string
by1mdd106 0/1 imitates words
by1mdd107 0/1 puts beads in box (6 of 8)
by1mdd108 0/1 places 1 peg repeateadly
by1mdd109 0/1 removes pellet from bottle
by1mdd110 0/1 blue board: places 1 round block
by1mdd111 0/1 builds tower of 2 cubes
by1mdd112 0/1 scribbles sponstaneously
by1mdd113 0/1 says 2 words
by1mdd114 0/1 puts 9 cubes in cup
by1mdd115 0/1 closes round box
by1mdd116 0/1 uses gestures to make wants known
by1mdd117 0/1 shows shoes or other clothing, or own toy
by1mdd118 0/1 pegs placed in 70 seconds
by1mdd119 0/1 builds tower of 3 cubes
by1mdd120 0/1 pink board: places round block
by1mdd121 0/1 blue board: places 2 round blocks
by1mdd122 0/1 attains toy with stick
by1mdd123 0/1 pegs placed in 42 seconds
by1mdd124 0/1 names 1 object
by1mdd125 0/1 imitates crayon stroke
by1mdd126 0/1 follows directions doll (check parts passed)
by1mdd127 0/1 uses words to make wants known
by1mdd128 0/1 points to parts of doll (check parts recognised, check manua
by1mdd129 0/1 blue board: places 2 round and 2 square blocks
by1mdd130 0/1 names 1 picture
by1mdd131 0/1 finds 2 objects
by1mdd132 0/1 points to 3 pictures
by1mdd133 0/1 No label: b1m133
by1mdd134 0/1 pegs placed in 30 seconds
by1mdd135 0/1 differentiates scribble from stroke
by1mdd136 0/1 sentence of 2 words
by1mdd137 0/1 pink board: completes
by1mdd138 0/1 names 2 objects
by1mdd139 0/1 points to 5 pictures
by1mdd140 0/1 broken doll: mends approximately
by1mdd141 0/1 names 3 pictures
by1mdd142 0/1 blue board: places 6 blocks
by1mdd143 0/1 builds tower of 6 cubes
by1mdd144 0/1 discriminates 2: cup, plate, box
by1mdd145 0/1 names watch, 4th picture
by1mdd146 0/1 names 3 objects
by1mdd150 0/1 names watch, 2nd picture
by1mdd151 0/1 pink board: reverse
by1mdd152 0/1 discriminates 3: cup, plate, box
by1mdd153 0/1 broken doll: mends exactly


Instruments: Bayley I (by1)


Lozoff B, De Andraca I, Castillo M, Smith JB, Walter T, Pino P. Behavioral and developmental effects of preventing iron-deficiency anemia in healthy full-term infants. Pediatrics. 2003;112:846-854. https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/112/4/846.short

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