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Marcortchino's index for three-way contingency tables under Scenario 2. Revised formulation.


It provides the partition of the Marcotorchino' index as well of the $C_M$-statistic revised formula, under the Scenario 2, when probabilities are equal to the observed marginal frequencies. The constant in the computation of the $C_M$-statistic is different, it does not consider the denominator of the index and is equal to $(n-1)I$ where $n$ is the total individual number and $I$ the row category number.


tau3scen2new(X, digits = 3)



The three-way contingency table.


The minimum number of decimal places, digits, used for displaying the numerical summaries of the analysis. By default, digits = 3.



The Marcotorchino's index partition under Scenario 2, we get five terms of the chi-square partition, three bivariate terms and a trivariate one. The output is in a matrix, the six rows of this matrix indicate the tau index numerator, the tau index, the percentage of explained inertia, the revised $C_M$-statistic, the degree of freedom, the p-value, respectively.


This function belongs to the class chi3class.


Lombardo R, Takane Y and Beh EJ


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