QQplot {chi2x3way}R Documentation

QQ-plots of the simulated distribution of the Marcotorchino's index partition


It allows
the graphical representation of each term of the Marcotorchino's index partition under scenario 2 or 1.


QQplot(nsample=100, yobs, nameC, taudf)



The number of random tables to generate. For each table, the terms of index partition are computed.


The term of the index partition, it represents the observed distribution of the C-statistic associated to the term of the partition.


The label of the term of the index partition.


The number of degree of freedom associated to the term of the index partition.


This function is called from the function tauMbootQQ and allows to depict graphically the three-way index distribution. A QQ-plot is produced for each term of the index partition.


Lombardo R, Takane Y and Beh EJ


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