Check the Properties of Common R Objects

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Documentation for package ‘checkr’ version 0.5.0

Help Pages

checkor Check OR
check_attributes Check Attributes
check_character Check Character
check_chr Check String
check_classes Check Classes
check_colnames Check Colnames
check_count Check Count
check_data Check Data
check_date Check Date
check_datetime Check Date Time
check_day Check Date
check_dbl Check Dbl
check_double Check Numeric
check_dttm Check Date Time
check_environment Check Environment
check_flag Check Flag
check_flag_na Check Flag or NA
check_function Check Function
check_grepl Check Matches Regular Expression
check_homogenous Check Homogenous
check_inherits Check Inherits
check_int Check Int
check_integer Check Integer
check_intersection Check Atomic Vector Intersection
check_join Check Join
check_key Check Key
check_length Check Length
check_length1 Check Length One
check_levels Check Levels
check_lgl Check Flag
check_list Check List
check_logical Check Logical
check_missing_colnames Check Missing Colnames
check_missing_names Check Missing Names
check_name Check Name
check_named Check Named
check_names Check Names
check_nchar Check Number of Characters
check_ncol Check Number of Columns
check_neg_dbl Check Negative Dbl
check_neg_int Check Negative Int
check_nlevels Check nlevels
check_noneg_dbl Check Non-Negative Dbl
check_noneg_int Check Non-Negative Int
check_no_attributes Check No Attributes
check_nrow Check Number of Rows
check_null Check NULL
check_number Check Dbl
check_numeric Check Numeric
check_pattern Check Pattern
check_pos_dbl Check Positive Dbl
check_pos_int Check Positive Int
check_prob Check Probability
check_probability Check Probability
check_prop Check Probability
check_props Check Proportions
check_rbind Check Row Bind
check_regex Check Matches Regular Expression
check_scalar Check Scalar
check_sorted Check Sorted
check_string Check String
check_tzone Check TimeZone
check_unique Check Unique
check_unnamed Check Unnamed
check_unused Check Unused
check_vector Check Atomic Vector
chk_deparse Deparse
chk_fail Fail
chk_max_dbl Max Double
chk_max_int Max Int
chk_min_dbl Min Double
chk_min_int Min Integer
chk_tiny_dbl Tiny Positive Double